We believe that graffiti art and classical art have the same artistic value, historical value and cultural value, and are equally worthy of respect. For six years, we have been breaking new ground in the art world. Its audience is not limited to those who can afford to visit art galleries. It often contains bold and provocative social messages. Graffiti art takes you deep into the cultural and social context in which it was created. Graffiti artists also use similar techniques to classical painters and determine positive and negative shapes, colors and compositions.

Welcome to Meson.

Because we love graffiti, we want to see graffiti art in our home or on the wall all the time, so we use graffiti art, street wall art on canvas and frame, let graffiti art enter all homes and be recognized by everyone. dream. We have been working on this for six years, 100% hand-painted is our bottom line, and our contemporary artists have created many new graffiti, pop, street art on canvas, welcome to Mesonart's contemporary art world.