How to build a contemporary gallery wall

Contemporary gallery walls are really trendy. Like, Instagram-influencer-hashtag-worthy trendy. And we understand why. Gallery walls – also known as salon or frame cluster hangs – are a great way to inject life and colour into your living space. This week, we spoke to our lead curator, Alice, to learn more about how to create a contemporary gallery wall.

Mesonart’s tips on building a contemporary gallery wall

Gallery walls are a really easy way to make a statement if you don’t have much wall space or don’t want to hang artworks on every wall.



Tip #1

Group by subject matter, colour palette, particular artist or build an eclectic mix of subjects and styles. Our bold and bright gallery wall (shown top) is the perfect statement for a contemporary living room.


Tip #2

If your budget is a little tight, you can create a gallery wall with as little as three works – don’t feel as though you have to buy tens of artworks! If you’re building a contemporary wall, include artworks of all sizes to inject some personality and points of difference.


Tip #3

Feel free to mix a wide range of subjects, such as portraiture, botanicals, abstracts, typography and landscapes, but if you’d like to stick to our contemporary theme, try to feature three to four main colours.

In our above example, we’ve used oranges, pinks and yellows to maintain the balance and harmony of the artworks, while also ensuring the art really stands out from the darker, moodier wall colour.