How to buy art A guide to buying artwork online

Navigating the world of art can be a daunting experience, not only for those who don’t have much experience with buying art, but for those with little art knowledge as well. To help you make a choice you are sure to enjoy for years to come, we’ve put together our top tips on how to easily navigate and buy art from artists on MesonArt.

Explore and research

Learning more about the artist before deciding to buy their artwork online is essential, because this way you can find out their story, what inspires them and what kind of art they create. Spend some time researching the artist to create a sense of intimacy. Moreover, knowing more about the artist makes for great conversation about the piece once you hang it in your home.


Consider your interior decor

Artwork is an extraordinary way to add a touch of personality to your home, but it’s important to consider whether the new piece works well with your existing decor. Buying an oil painting of a calm landscape may work well for traditional homes, but the same painting may not look quite at home in a minimalist living room. Of course, this is not to say you should be afraid to fall in love with something completely unexpected. You never know, you might think you’re a Monet lover at heart, but end up purchasing a Warhol inspired artwork!

MesonArt’s Editors’ Picks are a good starting point for discovering inspirational artists, handpicked by our curators. Alternatively, browsing our New Artists will help you uncover emerging talent on MesonArt. Fancy filtering by artists’ seller rating? You can do that here.

Consider your space

When shopping for art online, it’s vital you consider the practicalities of your home, with the size of the painting being an essential one. Make sure the piece you have your eye on will fit well into your home, size-wise. Check the dimensions of the artwork you intend to purchase and cut a piece of newspaper to the same size to use as a guide and see how much space the piece will take up on your wall. You should also think about where to place it, as direct sunlight may affect the medium you choose.

All about the budget

We know it should be about falling in love with a painting and deciding to bring it home, but it’s also vital to have that ‘money talk’. It’s always a good idea to decide on how much you want to spend, keeping in mind that the price goes up with the reputation of the artist and size of the painting.

Some artists accept offers from customers, so use this filter confidently when browsing through the works of the best independent artists on MesonArt.

Follow your heart

Unlike other purchases you make for your home, art is something that requires a great deal of emotion. To put it simply, if you like a painting on MesonArt and believe you simply can’t live without looking at it everyday, then take the plunge and buy it. Your walls will thank you for it.