How to buy art for the office

Art for the office needs to strike the right tone, inspire a good working environment and create the right impression. You’ll also need pieces that will broadly appeal but aren’t boring or generic. It’s a delicate balance.

But don’t you fret — we’ve mastered the art of finding art (get it?). We even have the lovely mural in our office by MING LI as seen above, so we know a thing or two about finding that perfect piece to hang on a wall, dull or not. It can make the day typing away on your keyboard go by much faster.

Dare to be original

Choosing art for your office can be tricky – you’re not only striving to achieve a polished working environment, you’re also sending a message about your organisation. What impression do you want to give?

Don’t feel you have to rely on a generic canvas in order to satisfy everyone. While it might not put anyone off, you run the risk of looking short on your own ideas. This is especially problematic if yours is an organisation with claims to innovation and creativity.

Choosing work from contemporary and lesser-known artists will not only make it likelier that your pieces will offer something visually new, it will give the impression of originality and creativity. And nothing portrays a lack of originality like opting for something everyone else does.

The right tone

What kind of organisation do you work for? Think about this when choosing your artwork’s colour, style and subject.

For example, reds may work in a dynamic, energetic environment but will be completely the wrong colour for a doctor or hospital waiting room, where soothing greens and blues will work better – think seascapes or landscapes.

For an office of 9-to-5-ers, a landscape may not be appropriate – lest they dream too much of their escape! A creative organisation will benefit from striking or daring pieces, like abstracts, making a bold statement about your level of interest in design and originality.